Welcome and Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Peter Christian Bury, and I’m looking forward to informing you all about new developments in the world of politics, economics, finance, and business – on a global scale. Of course I’ll also be putting forth my own thoughts and criticisms and I highly encourage you to participate in these conversations in the comment section.

We are living in the most exciting and happening time in all of history.

It’s true! Think about it, years from now, academics will be filling textbooks and presentations with the circumstances under which we are all living at THIS VERY MOMENT.

Whether you’re an aspiring leader or just an active citizen, I desire for our blog to grow into your very own sense of inspiration and motivation. We all have something to contribute, and my aim is to help you mold yourself into the very influencer and innovator you yearn to be.

I look forward to like-minded, constructive, and stimulating discussion with all of you as we grow into a constantly developing global community.

Peter C. Bury

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