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How will Life Change in the Aftermath of COVID-19?

We’re all aware of the unfortunate situation regarding the Wuhan coronavirus, but when the time for recovery and reopening comes, life will come back very differently – with a plethora of increased measures to cope with increasing uncertainty in this world of ours.

Expanded Industries and Job Prospects

With all the disruption we’re experiencing right now, there’s no doubt that industries will need to adjust to the potential of such circumstances recurring in the future. For one, I believe that logistics, information technology, and media will become integral departments to many businesses across industry lines. All businesses, whether they be simple shops or multinational corporations, will need to incorporate some kind of online measures to ensure they have a fully functioning distance platform for their operations.

More People Working from Home

During this pandemic, many workers are quickly adapting to the new realities of their jobs – working from home. For business managers and owners, these circumstances shine a light on the capacity for their employees to work remotely, easing the overarching expenses on office space. In a similar fashion, employees may appreciate the opportunity to work from home with a much more convenient schedule and environment, saving them time and probably also money.

More E-Learning Curriculums and Opportunities

Education has been impacted to one of the highest degrees of all industries worldwide by the coronavirus pandemic. Students are no longer able to attend school in person, but still remain involved in immersive e-learning programs operated through instant messaging systems, and group call systems like Zoom and Microsoft teams. In Canada specifically, the education sector is one of the top recurring expenses of provincial governments, and it would be enormously beneficial to implement a permanent curriculum that involves partial e-learning to alleviate stress on the economy.

Positive Climate Impact

One of the few real beneficial impacts of the coronavirus is the clear recuperation of natural air and water quality, ecosystem and biodiversity growth, and even the slow and steady closing of the gaps in the ozone layer. As well, the major blows taken by the oil industry, courtesy of the coronavirus, may potentially indicate that we are nearing the end of fossil fuel-based societies. Though oil prices will likely recover, the damage has been done in proving the volatility of the sector, paving the way for more reliable and sustainable sources of energy to come into common practice.

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