Can Canada Stage a Global Energy Takeover?

Yes. Absolutely yes.

You see, Canada has one of the most bountiful oil reserves as well as means of production. However, with the way things have been going recently, there’s no question that although oil may still be in our future, now is the time to capitalize on a less volatile, more dependable, and profitable source of energy.

We all know that green energy is in our future, and that a sustainable lifestyle is something that we as humanity must adopt. The only question has been when to start. When would save the most money and when would bring in the highest returns? Now.

With plunging oil prices, global stay-at-home orders, and uncertainty regarding daily life as a whole, demand for oil and gas is at an all time low. However, as with all crises, the dust will settle and eventually life will go back to normal where we all require energy on a daily basis. But before that time comes, Canada has a rare opportunity to take the helm of the global energy sector, and implement a modern strategy to revitalize the way we live while making a significant profit on the bottom line.

If Canada can use this time in crisis to develop a plan to construct an all-encompassing green energy operation, it has the potential to amass more demand than traditional fossil fuels and replace them as a whole. Despite economies being mostly shut down, production of essential services is still in full swing, making it possible to initiate this development during these stagnating circumstances.

Since its establishment, Canada has been a shining beacon of standards for the international community. From the suffragette movement, to the development of insulin, Lester Pearson’s peace plan, and managing a multicultural and multidimensional society, Canada has continuously shown the world the horizons of possibility.

Whether we like it or not, green energy and sustainable living is in our future and Canada has the opportunity to take lead, as always, on a global scale innovation. The time is now.

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