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Is the World Health Organization in Bed with China?

Now is perhaps the most volatile time period on Earth in every sense – and China often finds itself in the center of the drama. The World Health Organization (WHO), a committee within the United Nations, is highly regarded as the most reliable, impartial, and accurate measure of global health. However, as the COVID-19 crisis unravels, the WHO has found itself in a great degree of scrutiny, much to the behest of foreign leaders as well as the public.

Since the very first days that the Wuhan coronavirus began to wreak havoc on the Chinese people, and later global populations, the Communist Party of China has neglected to properly warn the international community. Chinese officials even had their own infected welded shut in their homes left to die, or picked up in trucks off the street never to be seen again.

From the very onset of the virus, Chinese officials had been attempting to downplay its significance to the WHO. The UN body’s information on the virus was severely skewed and their leadership tended to reflect exactly the message that the Chinese government was putting out as propaganda. This included supporting China’s initial claim that the virus had shown no human to human transmission, which we clearly now know is false. For weeks, the WHO failed global citizens by praising the misleading Chinese government and restraining from declaring the virus a pandemic. If the organization was responsible enough to alert the global public about the reality of the virus, heavier precautions would’ve been taken in advance of the spread, potentially saving thousands of lives.

In the unravelling of China’s mishandled debacle with the virus, President Trump openly decided to defund the WHO for “mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus”. By halting over $400 million in support to the WHO, Trump proves that he will not back down to corrupt globalist organizations seeking to undermine public safety and security. He points out that, “as the organization’s leading sponsor, the US has a duty to insist on full accountability”. In this, the President is absolutely correct. Democratic leaders have a duty to their own people and to the foundational institution of democracy. Although the WHO is organized in a manner to collectively contribute to world health concerns, it has proven incapable of managing the COVID-19 crisis, and for that, the President is reapplying those funds to better address the issue in his own nation.

At the very least, the WHO failed to thoroughly investigate the true extent of potential harm that coronavirus could cause in its early days. More likely however, is that the WHO and China were collaborating to quiet down the rumours and questions surrounding the virus either in order to intentionally disrupt public safety or to cover up China’s international image. Regardless, the WHO failed in its prime duty to investigate, warn, and address a global health crisis, which to this day, several months forward, is still wreaking havoc across the world.

The WHO is playing into China’s narrative of geopolitics and global affairs by supporting their propaganda which plays down the critical nature of the virus while at he same time exaggerating the superiority of China on the world stage. When questioned about the Taiwanese response to the pandemic, WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom declined to differentiate between China and Taiwan. This is worrying considering that China has for years been pressuring foreign nations and intergovernmental bodies to reject the very clear and democratically supported movement for Taiwanese independence.

Even now, the WHO is manipulating their statistics in favour of Chinese propaganda which is continuously reporting no new cases in China following two months of unprecedented infection and death. Any logical observer can see that it is virtually impossible for such an abrupt decline in infection to occur in a country with over 1 billion people. With such devastation happening in mainland China, Taiwan deserves much more credit and recognition than it has been given. Unaltered reports out of Taiwan maintain a low degree of infectious spread while only 6 people have died due to the virus.

It remains to be seen where exactly the virus originated from or what kind of a role the Chinese government may have played in it. For the time being, world leaders must decide if it is in the interest of their people to buy into the Chinese system of corruption and misrepresentation, or if their support and aid would be better spent domestically than supporting compromised organizations like the WHO. China has clearly taken a challenging stance on the geopolitical stage, and the time will come in the aftermath of this crisis when the rest of the world decides to either stand up to corruption and exploitation or to stand up for democratic rights and cooperation.

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