A prorogued Parliament is not the best Play for a Liberal Government in Disarray

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he will be proroguing Parliament until September 23rd, at which point he will then deliver a throne speech outlining the updated Liberal plan to recover from the pandemic. A throne speech would provide an opportunity to openly and directly debate the long-term plan once parliament returns, and would then trigger a vote of confidence.

Prorogation allows for a parliamentary shutdown which kills all bills currently under consideration and suspends all parliamentary committees, including those in which he is under investigation at this very moment.

Although prorogation isn’t used too often, it does have significant precedent. In 2002, Jean Chrétien prorogued parliament to dodge scandal, but after its resumption, he was forced to resign and his party was limited to a minority government. In 2008, Stephen Harper prorogued parliament to delay a vote of non-confidence, but was then re-elected to a majority government. Again in late 2009, Harper used prorogation to keep parliament recess during the upcoming winter Olympics to be hosted in Vancouver, but this move was widely suspected to be simply a way for Harper to avoid the ongoing investigations into treatment of Afghan detainees during the war there.

Clearly, prorogation has been used in the past for the main motives of dodging scandal and consolidating power. This seems to be no different with the current Trudeau administration. Even though it is definitely necessary for the government to take time to regroup and form a new plan for dealing with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, there is hardly any justification that parliament would need to be prorogued for the Liberal government to do this. The prorogation is a direct and obvious strategy to kill parliamentary committees for the time being and to quash the WE charity scandal once and for all.

The Conservatives, as official opposition, have been unequivocal in maintaining that they will continue to press the governing Liberals regarding their nefarious intentions with the now quashed WE Charity student volunteer grant. Reacting to the proroguing of parliament, Conservative Ethics Critic, Michael Barrett points out that, “If this was about introducing a speech from the throne – the reset that [the Prime Minister] was looking for, he could’ve prorogued on September 22nd and delivered that speech on the 23rd. This is about one thing and one thing only – it’s about hiding from the truth, avoiding accountability, and it’s his architecture of a cover-up.”

Shutting down parliament for over a month does not reflect well on this Liberal administration, and having a throne speech trigger a vote of confidence may end up being something that these Liberals live to regret. Even NDP Ethics Critic, Charlie Angus laid out that, “It’s going to be very hard to support [the Liberals] at this point because of this real breach with the Canadian people. This is the biggest economic and medical crisis in a century and they shut up shop and left town to escape an ethical scandal – that’s not acceptable.”

As the Bloc Quebecois are already openly calling to topple this government, the left-of-Liberal NDP not showing too much faith in it and its leadership in such trying times, and the Conservative Party set to elect a new leader on Sunday, opposition parties are gearing up to ravage what’s left of an already crippled Liberal administration on its last legs.

1 comment on “A prorogued Parliament is not the best Play for a Liberal Government in Disarray

  1. Joseph Delaney

    I hope everyone is happy. Did Justin give you a piece of the pie?

    There is not much justice in Canada. 
    The Trudeau government has covered every corner of their crimes against Canada, and Canadians. The system is stacked against accountability, and the imperfections are there for all to see.

    I think Jagmeet Singh has sold his soul to the Trudeau government. He has supported the Liberals in covering up the inquiries into the governments involvement with the WE organization.  I am sure Mr Trudeau will reward him dearly.

    Unfortunately, the NDP has stabbed Canada in the back. If you go on Facebook, you will be hard pressed to find anything current about the NDP Party.  It’s like Mr Singh is deliberately sinking the party that was made for the working class man.  Maybe he has something else in store for Canadians. Every other party is transparent, and up to date with current events, except for the New Democratic Party.   

    The RCMP is supposed to be our last defence against government corruption! They are supposed to be there to uphold the highest of laws!! Unfortunately, Commissioner Brenda Lucki will likely file away all inquiries against Mr Trudeau,and his posse. After all, He did have a part in appointing Brenda as the commissioner of the RCMP. Perhaps a Liberal panel will be assigned to the accusations, and inquiries . I’m sure, we will receive a notification some time down the road, that the evidence is inconclusive. If you read The Criminal Code Of Canada, Sections 119, and 121, you can judge for yourself.

    What about the real true blue leaders of the RCMP? Why aren’t you joining together to make the  public aware of the truth? Why are you allowing the department to loose all credibility? Why aren’t you creating justifiable investigations, and charges to protect Canada on your own? Why are government officials untouchable??? What about fraud investigations against The WE “Charity “??

    What about The Finance Department, and Revenue Canada? You control the financial well being of Canada for Canadians! More, and more, the poor suffer greatly from financial hardship while the rich are bathing in financial gain, and loopholes. Lip service does not pay bills or put food on the table. 

    Mr Trudeau’s WE scheme has shown Canadians what  Mr Justin Trudeau , and Mr Bill Morneau think about Canadian finances, and Canadian law. In their eyes,  there is 1 law for the rich, and 1 law for the rest of Canadians. Do what we say, but don’t do what WE do. 

    Do we even know if there are investigations, and Federal(not independent) audits set up against Marc and Craig Kielburger? What about WE??? What about all the Trudeau and Morneau family members that could be involved in this scheme? 
    Are there investigations, and audits that will involve  them? It seems, Mr Trudeau uses taxpayers money to buy voters off through programs. It’s like a waiter who gives away free deserts to make up for their incompetence, so they can get a tip. It’s a way to control citizens support. It’s a behaviour perfected by governments of the past. 

    The Ethics Commissioner has been quiet so far. Unfortunately we know what his department’s findings will be. He will publicly report Trudeau’s wrong doings with WE, and then hand over the documents for Mr Trudeau to file away. I am sure Mr Dion has helped Justin Trudeau shun his way out of this situation with legal advise. After all, that’s why he is there!

    Then we have the Department Ministers. I would think, many have played a part in the WE Scheme one way, or another. It’s like putting children in charge of a candy store. Money money,  money!!! The fact that the Canadian Student Grant Program was to be solely administered by the WE Charity is a total disregard for the Canadian system. The WE “Charity” was offering teacher incentives of $12,000.00 to sign students up. The WE Charity is unethical and immoral. It’s sickening to hear Ministers talk like they love Canada, when they are supporting and a bedding government corruption and the party, not Canada. They hide in the shadows and change the subject to distract your attention. 

    Everyone talks about President Donald Trump. At least it seems that Mr Trump does things out in the open(most of the time). The Canadian government is mismanaging in the shadows, then smiling and lying to our faces.

    What about all the support workers in government? All the people who work at Revenue Canada. All the dedicated employees of the RCMP.  The countless employees that work at federal buildings across the country, and are supported by PSAC/AFPC. 
    Where are they? Why don’t you stand up for Canada and democracy. We have Whistleblower laws to protect government workers. Your name will not be known. I know Mr Trudeau has given you a big financial pass during these difficult times, but that doesn’t mean you have to be devoted to him. You should be devoted to Canada. You deserve support like any other Canadian. 
    We need the premiers to stand up for Canada  by investigating The WE Charity  provincially.  I hope you aren’t sitting back, doing nothing, when you know the government is corrupt, and the citizens need you. 

    The Conservatives seem to be the cleaners after a Liberal government term party. The place is a mess, the cupboards are bare. 
    Someone has to make cuts and try to counterbalance the madness. What do you expect???

    The Governor General is a piece of work. We have never seen, or heard of such a selfish, mean person that represents The Queen. Of course Mr Trudeau had a part in the Governor General’s appointment. Julie Payette could remove Mr Trudeau but she is to wrapped up, and involved in her own little world of self entitlement. 

    Justin Trudeau comes from privilege. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be an average Canadian. 
    I think some blame should go to the liberals behind the scene for Mr. Trudeau’s appointment. He had no experience, just a name. Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien is a man that I like, and admire, along with Mr Paul Martin. I believe The Liberals extreme hate, and distaste for Mr Steven Harper and his elitist attitude drove the party to prop up Mr Trudeau . Hate for a man that was acting in a way that drove them crazy because they could not do a thing about his governing. This hate, from both sides, attributes to  a greater divide between English, and French. A divide between East and West. The casualties, being the good citizens of Canada, and Canada herself. 

    To top it off, The Trudeau government is running away from responsibility. He is hiding in the shadows now. He uses holiday time when Parliament is in session so he doesn’t have to face the music. It’s like a kid that didn’t study for a test, and decides to fake a sickness so one doesn’t have to go to school.  He is scared to face the truth, because the guilt is real. 

    Now: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament Tuesday, ending damaging committee investigations into his government’s WE scandal and leaving the House of Commons on the sidelines during a global crisis.”(Thank You Ryan Tumilty, Brian Platt from the National Post).

    With a new Finance Minister at the helm, watch for all the new spending the government will do to buy Canadian votes. They are going to feed off the tit of the Coronavirus until the breasts dry up. They are going to milk the environment issues and global warming. How much has been brought in from the carbon tax?? What has been done with that slush fund? 
     Don’t pat the Liberal government on the back to hard. They did what any Canadian Government would have done with the Coronavirus Pandemic. Because they are Canadian, they do generally care. The Liberal government did a good job controlling the situation for the most part.  Heck, it’s easy to spend money. I think most of the credit should go to the provinces and the way they have handled the virus; they took charge. 

    There have been some issues with the way the Federal government handled the coronavirus . Like the fact that Canadian intelligence informed the government of the seriousness of the situation In early January. well before the government did anything about the situation. The borders should have been shut down at least a month before they were.   The Federal Government shut the borders down March 18.  The Trudeau government sent 16 tones of supplies between Feb. 4 and Feb. 9 — 50,118 face shields, 1,101 masks, 1,820 pairs of goggles, 36,425 medical coveralls, 200,000 nitrile gloves and 3,000 aprons to China. Canadian medical staff was left in a panic. Front line workers did not have enough protection equipment for themselves. April 23rd, China sent respirators to Canada. Canada’s public health authority says “around one million KN95 respirators acquired from China have failed to meet federal Covid-19 standards for use by frontline health professionals”.

     There is no wonder why people try to beat the system.  Why people don’t care anymore. When you have leadership that is dishonest at the top, it trickles down the chain to provinces, then regions, municipalities, cities, towns, businesses, and then the citizens. 

    We need the media more than ever. We need reporters, and political lawyers to fulfill their oath , and represent Canada and Canadians. We need you to dig deep, and shed light on the imperfections of Canadian Law. 
    We need political science majors to step to the front before you enter a political arena that is  fixed. We desperately need Revenue Canada to go after everyone involved with WE. We need graduating students to help change a government system that desperately needs fresh blood, and fresh ideas. WE NEED GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY! It’s almost impossible to get most politicians to change a system that could alienate them from the political brotherhood union, and jeopardize their career. The pension, and Camaraderie  is too much to loose. Prime Minister Harper introduced the Federal Accountability Act in 2005. When it went to the senate, it returned a shell of the original Act.  But it was a start. 

    This is what young Canadians get to grow up with. Do you wonder why they don’t care, and don’t vote? How do you think they feel when the government has been involved in a large scheme to support a corrupt charity that caters to youths ? Ironic?? A scheme that benefits a charity with fame and fortune. A devious scheme that brainwashed children into being strong Liberal supporters of the future. They have been used and abused like the Indigenous people in Canada. Taken advantage of by the very people that were meant to protect and support them. 

    Canadians are to passive; we bitch, and then do nothing about it. We always say “ nothing will ever change, what’s the use”. Politicians know this, and exploit us for it. We need to say “enough is enough!”

    We need input. We need to make sure this WE coverup, and ANY coverup is exposed to the core. We need change in government accountability.  Canada is having a serious identity crisis. Our system is setup to protect the government In charge,  without consequences. We need change for the future of our children and Canada. We need to change how the RCMP Commissioner is appointed, and who the department should report to. Crimes against politicians should be brought up in the Supreme Court. A trial for all Canadians to see. No lying, or refusing to give a straight answer to pertinent questions. 
    Please be devoted to Canada, not the party. 
    God Bless Canada 🇨🇦 

    Please send this to your MP. Send it to your friends and family. Stand up for Canada and make a difference

    Joseph Delaney 


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