What would it take for Jagmeet Singh and his NDP to burn the bridge with the Trudeau Liberals?

With a minority government in Ottawa dropped to its knees, all three main opposition parties are needed to topple the Trudeau Liberals. With the Bloc Quebecois already calling for Justin Trudeau to resign and Conservatives on edge about this government’s ethical conduct, Jagmeet Singh’s go ahead is all that’s left to send Canadians back to the polls.

However, there has been speculation regarding the NDP’s financial abilities to run an elaborate campaign in the near future. In a recent interview, NDP national director, Anne McGrath, revealed that the party is still fundraising to pay off about $1.5 million remaining from the $10 million hole that the last election put them in.

Despite their financial struggles, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has reinsured Canadians that his party is ready for en election, but prefers to hold the current government to account and ensure that it addresses the very real and pressing concerns of Canadians. “As long as we can continue to fight and get some wins to make people’s lives better, we’re going to continue to do that”, said Mr. Singh. “If the Liberal government continues to go down a path where they’re focused on themselves, where they’re enriching their friends, where they’re being caught up in fighting amongst themselves, and they’re hurting people as a result, then we’ll look at all options.”

The NDP leader also emphasized two areas which they are specifically focused on addressing – those being supporting parents and students as schools reopen in September, and under similar circumstances, supporting childcare programs and facilities. Additionally, Mr. Singh highlighted employment insurance as a priority in these trying times. With the uncertainty regarding the government’s Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) in the near future, the NDP is calling for broader and more all-encompassing employment insurance for Canadians to allow them to get by during this unprecedented time, and allowing them to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

With that being said, the NDP has been far from supportive of this Liberal administration in recent months. Long-time NDP MP, Charlie Angus has been one of the most avid public critics of Justin Trudeau’s scandalous ethical conduct, taking on Liberal ministers in recent virtual sessions of the now-suspended parliamentary finance committee. Despite Jagmeet Singh’s implicit dismissal of intent to bring down the government, he made sure to express his concern with the current path that the Trudeau Liberals are taking, and that concern should not be taken lightly.

Despite proroguing parliament, which suspends all parliamentary business including new legislation, the Liberal government has extended CERB by one more month, providing support for those who depend on it until parliament returns on September 23rd. Even with that, the government has proposed a transition to and simplification of employment insurance once this final round of CERB runs out.

In the wake of this government’s recent ethical troubles, it seems unlikely that opposition members will give the Liberals a pass, and with seemingly more and more to uncover in its general misconduct and mistreatment of Canadians, Mr. Singh and his party may be brought to the tipping point before even they expect.

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