Erin O’Toole’s shadow cabinet revitalizes the Conservative Party

In his first weeks as leader, Erin O’Toole has firmly established himself in the books of Canadian politics for the time being. His genuine attitude in addressing pressing issues has shown wisdom and intellect, well beyond the capacity of Justin Trudeau and his team.

On Tuesday morning, O’Toole put forth his full shadow cabinet in addition to his house leadership team, and these have Canadian conservatives hopeful about this ‘government in waiting’.

Erin made sure to unequivocally show his support for increasing the presence of marginalized groups in politics by ensuring their voice in his caucus is heard and respected. Candice Bergen, a true symbol of female leadership and political intellect was Erin’s pick for Deputy Leader, while Eric Duncan, the first openly gay conservative MP, is the new question period coordinator.

Beyond amplifying marginalized groups in his leadership team, the new conservative shadow cabinet brings considerable weight from often-ignored Quebec, as well as giving young MPs like Garnett Genuis and Eric Melillo the platforms to engage meaningfully with youth across Canada and to encourage them to become more active in the political sphere of society.

Because the shortcomings of the Conservative Party in Canada have largely been due to a failure to appeal to urban and suburban voters, Erin O’Toole knew from the outset that he needed to reframe the party and its policies to address the concerns of all Canadians. His shadow cabinet emphasizes representation in the west and in central Canada – which respectively highlight where conservatives have their undoubted strength, and where they have their undoubted weakness.

Although the party doesn’t have too many MPs in the greater Toronto and Montreal areas, Erin O’Toole has made a clear point to the many residents of those districts that his party is listening to them and that his party is doing all that can be done to fight for their interests in government. This newly reformed Conservative Party also is positioned at both an internal and national turning point – where most major parties are undergoing transformation. The team that has been put forth shows the true potential to be ethically and representatively sound in parliament while holding this government to account.

In the aftermath of internal leadership races, especially when they’re as rigorously fought as this one, there is certainly potential for internal strife, which was the case after the 2017 race, having runner-up Maxime Bernier split off to form his own People’s Party of Canada. In contrast to those unfortunate events, Erin O’Toole, as well as the other leadership contestants, have proved to be honourable in defeat and yet still even more devoted to the common cause of representing Canadians and holding this government responsible for its many errors.

All in all, Erin O’Toole’s overarching message of unity from his leadership race has swiftly been converted into his strategy for Canada as a whole. With shadow cabinet representation spanning wide across the country, this refined version of the Conservative Party of Canada is poised to take over government in the next election cycle. As Canadians begin to realize the immorality of Justin Trudeau’s identity politics and corrupt nature, the responsible and devoted conservative party stands ready to stand up for the people and to ensure that their needs are met.

1 comment on “Erin O’Toole’s shadow cabinet revitalizes the Conservative Party

  1. Andrew

    The fact that Andrew Scheer is part of the shadow cabinet shows a lot of class from Mr. O’Toole. Scheer’s experience and his acceptance of the new position strengthens the unity issue within the party. Great job Mr. O’Toole! 👏👏


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